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Frequently Asked Questions

International stockist enquiries

If you would like to distribute our products in your country, please contact our exports department for information at

If you are a journalist

You can contact our press relations agency: RPCA - Nathalie Chrysafis

Are Rogé Cavaillès products tested on animals?

Testing cosmetics on animals was banned in 2009. Rogé Cavaillès and Somatoline Cosmetic finished products are not tested on animals. The service-provider laboratories we work with do not test on animals either.​

Where can I find a product’s expiry date?

Cosmetics products with a shelf-life of at least thirty months are not required to state a "best used before end of..." date. Instead, there has to be an indication of the period of time after opening for which the product can be used without any harm to the consumer (PAO). This information is indicated by a symbol of an open cosmetics pot and is used together with a written number of months and/or years. If you have the slightest doubt, contact our Consumer Services : +33 (0)1 46 67 59 60 accessible Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 17:30 GMT+1

Where can I get a Rogé Cavaillès loyalty card or discount vouchers?

We are sorry, but at present we don't have a loyalty card or discount vouchers for Rogé Cavaillès products. However, several promotional offers are available at the point of sale in participating pharmacies.

How can I receive documents?

You can obtain our product brochures from our brand stockists. You can also visit our website where you will find all the information on all our product ranges. Documentation can also be requested by e-mail at the following address :

I’d like to take part in product clinical trials. What is the procedure?

We do not recruit volunteers for our clinical studies. In fact, for reasons of confidentiality and objectivity, our group's internal policy requires us to have these tests conducted by independent laboratories who have their own panels.

What are the retail prices for Rogé Cavaillès products?

In accordance with the French law on the freedom of pricing, Rogé Cavaillès cannot set retail prices for pharmacies to use. Each retailer is free to set its own consumer retail price. Retail prices can therefore vary from one point of sale to the next.

I’d like to submit my application to Rogé Cavaillès. Where should I send it to?

To apply, send your CV and covering letter to the following address:

Partnership or sponsorship requests

All partnership and sponsorship requests must be presented in a file containing a detailed description of the project. Due to the very high volume of requests we receive, we can only respond to complete requests.

Where can I buy Rogé Cavaillès products?

Our products should be bought on the advice of a pharmacist. You can find our products in pharmacies and health and beauty stores.

Can I receive samples?

Unfortunately we do not provide samples, however, travel-size formats are available at our points of sale, so you can seek advice and try the products that are most suited to your needs.